Imported Products

We have vast range of Various Bulk Chemicals which we directly import, stock & sell. Apart from this we also indent these products for our reputed clients

Ammonium Chloride (99.5) Industry / Feed Grade(CAS NO.7446-70-0)
Ammonium Bicarbonate(CAS NO.1066-33-7)
Acetic Acid Glacial(CAS NO.64-19-7)
Calcium Lignosulphonate(CAS NO.8061-52-7)
(CAS NO.1310-73-
Citric Acid Monohydrate / Anhydrate(CAS NO.5949-29-1/77-92-9)
Damar Batu(CAS NO.9000-16-2)
Glycerine(CAS NO.56-81-5)
Gum Rosin WW Grade(CAS NO.8050-09-7)
Agro Commodities
Metals & Minerals
Iron Ore Fines
Copper Cathodes
Copper Mould Plates
Ferro Alloys